Caution Statements and First Aid for BugBand

Please remember to use good judgment and proper handling with any product that comes in direct contact with the skin. Read directions and precautions on packaging. If in doubt or have questions on how to use BugBand products, please contact Customer Service Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST at 1-800-473-9467 or through our contact form.

For more detailed technical information, please refer to the BugBand Product Flyers and MSDS files.


  • Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision.

  • For children under the age of three (3) avoid direct skin contact with the wristband and instead place on strollers, walkers, carriers or attach to clothing.

  • May cause skin irritation in rare cases for people with sensitive skin. If irritation occurs, wash with mild soap & water and wear band on belt loop or exterior clothing.

  • DO NOT use If you have known environmental allergies to plants or flowers. In these cases, direct use on skin is not recommended. Instead place on outside of clothing, shoes, hats, etc.

  • DO NOT sleep in wristband. 

  • DO NOT wear in sleeping bag.

  • DO NOT over tighten or adjust wristband tightly around the skin. Lack of air flow could cause skin irritation.

  • DO NOT use any BugBand products in a manner not described in the stated directions for use.

  • CHOKING HAZARD: Do not put BugBand products in mouth or swallow.


    Irritation on skin – Flush with warm water and soap.

    If in eyes – Flush thoroughly with clean water for at least 15 minutes. If contact lenses are used, remove the lenses and flush lenses and eyes with clean water.

    If swallowed – Call a doctor or Poison Control Center immediately for treatment advice. Have person sip a glass of water if able to swallow.