BugBand DEET-FREE Insect Repellent for Easten Equine Encephalitis
Made with Naturally Derived Active Ingredients

BugBand DEET-FREE Insect Repellent for horses, equestrian and stables.If horses are as important in your life as they are to us here at BugBand, you have probably heard of Eastern Equine Encephalitis. This potentially deadly disease is transmitted via mosquito and has the potential to kill an otherwise healthy horse within 24 hours. Several horses have already succumbed to the disease in Florida.

Not only are horses affected by this disease, but humans are at risk as well. With the mild winters we experienced this year along with the heat and humidity of summer, the country as a whole is experiencing larger than usual insect populations. This year more than ever, people need to take precautions to protect themselves and their horses from these biting insects.


BugBand has developed a line of products with naturally-derived ingredients that are safe and effective for people and their horses.

The next time you are at the barn, try a BugBand towelette. You can wipe our insect repelling lotion on your skin, and you can use the larger towelette to wipe down your horse. The towelettes offer an easy method of applying insect repellant to the horse’s head and ears, and are large enough to cover the body of an average size animal. The light-weight wipes are perfect for bringing along on trail rides or to shows, and will allow you to focus on enjoying time with your horse instead of fighting off annoying insects. Around the barn, consider using BugBand Granular Repellent which can be sprinkled around the barn aisles and in stalls as an extra layer of protection for your horse. This product uses the same active ingredients as our lotion and towelettes. The active ingredients are mixed with ground up corn-cobs and can be safely used inside as well as outside the barn. This biodegradable product does a terrific job deterring biting insects, including flies and mosquitoes.

Because it’s naturally-derived and safe for people and animals, BugBand is an excellent alternative to synthetic pesticides. The pleasant-scented Geraniol insect repellent vapors create an invisible shield that’s safe to use around children, animals and food.