BugBand Bed Bug Pesticide | Bed Bugs No More!
Made with "Trade-Secret Strength" Geraniol

BugBand's Bed Bug pesticide is the perfect for travelers.The Best GERANIOL PESTICIDE for KILLING BED BUGS

Remember that old saying "Don't let the bed bugs bite"? That was a reality for our parents' and grandparents' generations. That changed when pesticides like DDT were used to devastating effect in the 1940s to practically wipe out bed bugs infestations. Decades later DDT was determined to be environmentally and medically dangerous and taken off the market. It is an unpleasant fact that bed bugs (that were once a thing of past) are now coming back with vigor in hotels, motels and even theaters.

Introducing BugBand’s solution to bed bug infestations. BugBand Bed Bugs No More! uses a “trade-secret” Geraniol formulation that kills bed bug eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults on contact. Standard pesticide products act as nerve agents that only kill adult bed bugs with a developed nervous system. The Geraniol in BugBand Bed Bugs No More! works by attacking the bed bug’s exoskeleton which makes it an effective insecticide against them.