BugBand DEET-FREE Insect Repellent for Dumpsters & Trash Cans
Made with Naturally Derived Active Ingredients

BugBand DEET-FREE Insect Repellent is the perfect for Property and Trash Cans.The Best Naturally Derived Insect Repellent for DUMPSTERS, TRASHCANS AND DUMPS

BugBand Granular Repellent and Deodorizer is used to both deodorize as well as to control flying insects around garbage collection areas such as dumpsters, curbside pick-up or trash cans. The BugBand Granular Spread can be used in horse stalls and dog kennels to control flies. Use under swings, slides and on playgrounds to protect children from biting insects. Also use around picnic or camping areas.

Spreadable BugBand Repellent products use naturally-derived Geraniol repellent with corn cob as the base. Granular BugBand is biodegradable and does not significantly contribute to landfill volume. Highly effective and lightweight for reduced shipping cost. Fresh citrus fragrance. Independently tested with amazing results.