BugBand DEET-FREE Insect Repellent for First Responders
Made with Naturally Derived Active Ingredients

BugBand DEET-FREE Insect Repellent is the perfect for first repsonders, firemen, plocie officers and medical personnel.The Best Naturally Derived Insect Repellent for FIRE FIGHTERS, POLICE FORCE AND EMERGENCY PERSONNEL

Safety and emergency workers, including fire fighters, pilots, and power plant and refinery workers, need to take precautions against insects, particularly mosquitoes and ticks. But not at the expense of the protective equipment designed to keep them safe.

Major manufacturers of flame-resistant fabrics are warning that insect repellents containing DEET can be flammable or reduce fabric’s thermal protective properties, and recommend avoiding DEET-based repellents.

Naturally derived, plant-based BugBand insect repellent is an effective alternative to synthetic pesticides. The pleasant-scented Geraniol insect repellent vapors are safe for children and pets, and can be used around food.


Most insects will be repelled by BugBand’s Wristbands. For heavy-duty protection, use BugBand’s Pump Sprayor Towelettes, which can be applied directly to skin for the most complete, effective coverage.

The 40-count Towelette dispenser is a particularly good choice for anyone working from a service truck outdoors. Simply toss one in the truck, and you’ve got everything you need to repel insects at the job site.