BugBand's "Bed Bugs No More!" – Pesticide to Control Bed Bugs
Made with Naturally Derived Active Ingredients

Bed Bugs No More! by BugBand kills bed bugs on contactIntroducing BugBand’s DEET-FREE solution to bed bug infestations. BugBand Bed Bugs No More! uses a “trade-secret” Geraniol formulation that kills bed bug eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults on contact. Standard pesticide products are nerve agents that only kill adult insects with a developed nervous system. The Geraniol in BugBand Bed Bugs No More! works by attacking the bed bug’s exoskeleton which makes it an effective insecticide against them. Not available for sale to Virginia Residents

Bed Bugs No More! Natural Bed Bug Pesticide by BugBand - 3 oz Travel Bottle
Bed Bugs No More! Pesticide - 16 oz Bottle