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Geranium derived bug repellent a DEET-FREE alternative to DEET based insect repellents (Cartersville, GA) – March 23, 2016

BugBand is proud to announce that its DEET-free, insect repellent products are ready to assist America’s families in their ever expanding battle against mosquitoes and other insects that are so prevalent in the spring and summer months.

Mosquitoes are well recognized carriers of viruses such as Zika, Chikengunya Dengue Fever,
and West Nile virus. BugBand wants to remind everyone out there who either work, or simply
love to be outdoors as much as its founder, that there is an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, natural line of defense that will keep annoying insects at bay.

“I was raised on an Iowa dairy farm where my passion for the outdoors became ingrained to this
day. Unfortunately mosquitoes were an agitating reality within that upbringing,” says founder
Dan Ritter. “I have used so many repellents over the years to counter the nuisance and harm
caused by mosquitoes, but the only ones that were effective contained DEET, which troubled
me because of its harmful effects to the environment, and became the very reason why I
created my own with BugBand.”

Though DEET-based repellents do provide needed protection, their use comes at an immense
cost. Some DEET-based products have been found to be flammable, and many manufacturers
of flame-retardant garments have issued warnings to their users not to use DEET-based
repellants while wearing their flame retardant suits. Further concerns about DEET are its uses
as a solvent, where it can melt or cause damage to plastic, rubber and paint. Things like acrylic
sunglasses, fishing line, watch crystals, paint on automobiles and similar materials can be
damaged or destroyed if subjected to DEET-based products.

“Consumers need to realize what DEET is. DEET is a synthetic, manufactured chemical that is
generically well known to repel insects,” explains Mr. Ritter. “However, when formulated with
any ingredient, even tap water, it is required to be registered by the United States Environmental
Protection Agency as a pesticide. DEET does not readily degrade in the environment and has a
potential to move through soil and into groundwater. It can be toxic to fish, birds, and aquatic
invertebrates. As an avid outdoorsman, that troubles me.”

The active ingredient in BugBand’s insect repelling products is geraniol, a natural essential oil
produced from geraniums. When geraniol is blended with other minimum risk, eco-friendly
ingredients, you get a biodegradable repellant that is both dermatologist tested and
hypoallergenic, safe for the environment, and possesses zero toxicity impact on animals or
wildlife. While incredibly safe, geraniol was also proven to be a highly effective insect repellant
in a field and laboratory research study led by Dr. Jerry Butler in the Department of Entomology
and Nematology at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

BugBand products can be worn or simply placed on any proximate pieces of equipment with no
flammability concerns whatsoever. Perfect for moms, runners and outdoor tradesman who
place them on baby strollers, hat bands or belt loops, and find them to be highly effective when
used in this halo manner. The options can be limitless.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) proclaims the mosquito to be the most deadly animal on
the planet. It is also well documented that diseases such as Zika are incurable, so the battle
against this formidable opponent starts with good defense. While BugBand makes no claims to
prevent any of these diseases, BugBand does have scientific studies showing that a wide range
of mosquitoes, including the aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito) are
repelled using our geraniol-based formula.

BugBand’s repellant products are available in multiple formats, from the original wristband to
towelettes, pump sprays, bead bags, and portable diffusers. All products are available online or
at a retail store near you.

BugBand asks everyone to get their groove on and JOIN THE BAND! Please visit us at
www.bugband.net or on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BugBandInsectRepellent.

About BugBand

BugBand is a family owned & operated company and is the #1 alternative to chemical based
repellents – primarily DEET. BugBand provides a safe, non-toxic, naturally derived insect
repellent that is effective in repelling, mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats, no-see-ums and fleas.
BugBand is proudly made in the USA and bears the “Made in USA” brand certification mark.
Businesses that meet the accreditation standards are invited to use the Made in USA brand
certification mark. When customers see the “Made in USA” brand certification mark, they know
they are getting reliable U.S. made and grown products.

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